Private label process

The following steps illustrate the process of going towards your own private label. This is a general process, deviation from this process is always possible. Please contact us for more information.

  • 1

    Application process

    A request for a private label brand starts with a meeting with one of our export managers. The minimum amount for production depends on the product and package. The export manager provides the client with more specific information.

    After approval by Remia, the client provides Remia with their specifications: product type, package content and important considerations regarding food legislation. It is very important that Remia is informed about possible special needs early in the process.

  • 2

    Setting up

    As soon as Remia has received all the necesarry information, they will provide the client with different product samples. Both new and existing recipes can be used by the client. Moreover, Remia provides the client with package suggestions. Unique packaging elements are only available with a minimum order quantity.

  • 3


    After the client approves of the recipe and package, the client develops artwork and sends this to Remia for approval.

  • 4

    First production

    When all the product elements are approved (recipe, package and artwork), the first production will take place. The production will be accompanied by multiple qualified employees to assure the end result meets the clients standards.

  • 5


    Remia offers the option to deliver the products to the clients, however, the clients can also arrange their own logistics process.