Fribel is a renowned authentic Belgian brand with an extensive range of frying fats and oils for the professional kitchen.


Fribel has a solution for today’s requirements of frying professionals regarding heat resistance, high frying quality, frying stability and sustainability.

Fribel has always had a rich tradition when it comes to the production of high-quality beef fat. Beef fat is Belgian historical heritage and Fribel proudly distinguishes itself with extra refined beef fat of the finest quality that gives authentic Belgian fries their world-famous flavour.

In recent years, we and Fribel have also started specialising in vegetable frying fats and oils, and Fribel distinguishes itself with a range of high-quality frying oils that not only last a long time, are easy to process, but also each have a responsible composition.

Whether you choose beef fat, mixed fat or fully vegetable fats and oils; Fribel is the brand for professionals who take frying seriously and want to serve only the tastiest fries to their guests!

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