About Remia

Remia is a dynamic family business where over 400 employees prepare the best products on a daily basis. For many years now, a wide range of sauces, margarines and fats have been produced in Den Dolder. Remia’s products are used daily by consumers, food services and industrial customers, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


In 1925, Remia’s founder, Arie de Rooij, started mixing margarines in his shed at his home in Amersfoort. Later on, a mixing facility was added, blending margarine with butter. De Rooij’s Electrical Mixing Installation Amersfoort, Remia for short, was born.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Remia is very conscious of its responsibility and model role. In this connection, it pursues an active policy in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility. Under Corporate Social Responsibility we understand: an ethical basic attitude adopted by a company, with action being focused on striking a balance between the interests of the company and the interests of its stakeholders and the integration of this into its operating processes.

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Logistics and document support

Remia recognizes that logistics is a key factor in providing true customer satisfaction. Therefore next to putting a lot of effort into the quality of our products we are also dedicated to making sure the delivery of your export orders are organized in a timely, smooth and efficient way.

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Remia for food industry

Remia also offers ingrediënts and packing options for the food industry. For more information, please visit the Remia Industry website.