As a leading producer of sauces, dressing, margarine and frying fat, Remia is situated in more than 100 countries. Remia offers high quality products in various categories.


Yellow sauces Foodservice & Retail

Remia offers a wide choice of yellow sauces for the food service such as mayonnaise, salad mayonnaise, mayonnaise light and basic sauces in different bucket formats.
Remia also offers various types of packages like economical glass jars and tubs, handy squeeze bottles and laminated 175 g tubes for easy dispensing to enhance consumer satisfaction.

Remia yellow sauces

Red sauces Foodservice & Retail

Remia offers top quality tomato ketchup, curry ketchup and curry gewürz in several packages suited for the Foodservice industry. For consumers, Remia tomato ketchup comes in traditional glass bottles and practical squeeze bottles.

Remia red sauces


Remia offers excellent mustards in the best French tradition in several packages.

Remia mustard

BBQ Sauces

Dressing, crouton & specialty/special sauces

Besides the assortment of regular sauces, Remia offers a selection of specialty sauces and salad dressing: high quality products that flavor your meal.

Remia dressing, crouton & specialty/special sauces

Frying and baking & Margarine

Remia has a wide range of liquid frying fats with very large benefits. Moreover, our assortment includes margarines both for foodservice and consumers.

Remia frying fat and margarine
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