Remia’s Legendary Real Tasty Mayonnaise

For 90 years Remia has been creating unique recipes using the very best ingredients, herbs, spices and oils. All this experience has been brought together in a unique series of 5 full, rich, delicious mayonnaises, all prepared with the finest ingredients for a unique taste sensation. Wonderful with handcrafted chips, baked potatoes, gourmet filled sandwiches and rolls, roast and grilled meat, chicken and fish, bringing out the rich flavour in each dish. Remia’s Legendary Real Tasty Mayonnaise is available in a range of different flavours: Black Truffle, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Sriracha, Rosemary Seasalt and Classic Recipe.

The Legendary Mayonnaise range comes in distinctive, 365 ml glass jars, and in 2 litre plastic tubs for foodservice. We are proud to introduce to you our REMIA’S LEGENDARY REAL TASTY MAYONAISES!

Legendary Real Tasty Mayonaise Classic Recipe

The real tasty ‘Classic Recipe’ is a full, creamy mayonnaise according to a traditional recipe, with a contemporary hearty flavour, and a hint of crushed pepper. The perfect basis for a sandwich, a hamburger, tastes delicious with hand-made fries. serves great as a sandwich spread as well.

Legendary Real Tasty Mayonaise Garlic Sriracha

Sriracha is literally and figuratively ‘HOT’! This spicy Thai Chilli Sauce is the basis for our ‘Garlic Sriracha’ mayonnaise. Try this spicy mayonnaise with garlic with chicken and fish dishes, baked potatoes, grilled vegetables or as a dip sauce.

Legendary Real Tasty Mayonaise Black Truffle

The real tasty ‘Black Truffle’ is a creamy mayonnaise with prepared with Italian black truffle. Enriched with a combination of white wine vinegar, crushed black pepper and Dijonmustard this creamy mayonnaise is a real specialty sauce. Goes perfectly with hand-made fries, carpaccio, tartare, salmon and sandwiches. For real truffle lovers!

Legendary Real Tasty Mayonaise Rosemary Seasalt

‘Rosemary Seasalt’ is an internationally popular taste combination and is also delicious with mayonnaise! Adding Dijon mustard to this recipe resulted in a savoury, creamy mayonnaise that goes great with roasted meat, baked potatoes, hamburgers and sandwiches.

Legendary Real Tasty Mayonaise Lemon Pepper

‘Lemon and Pepper’ is a superb combination is the kitchen. The freshness of the lemon goes perfectly with strong black pepper. This tangy and creamy mayonnaise tastes delicious with grilled chicken, baked patatoes, frieq squid, sandwiches and can serve as the basis for a delicous dressing as well.

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