The natural taste of Remia!

Remia's improved Gourmet Sauces

Remia’s Gourmet sauces make a lovely evening meal complete. The sauces are popular all over the world and are a great combination with meat, poultry and fish. The current range is increasingly successful. This has prompted us to add two new flavours to our range. The Mexican Salsa is a richly filled sauce containing pieces of Jalapeno pepper, with a tangy twist of fresh lemon. A perfect match to a juicy steak! The Curry is fruity and creamy and has chunks of pineapple. Delicious with chicken!

Besides introducing the two new flavours, we are also aware that consumers prefer products with a composition that is as natural as possible, that is why we also enhanced the recipes of the existing Gourmet sauces range. The Chilli, BBQ, Garlic and Whisky Cocktail sauces not only taste even better, like the Mexican Salsa and the Curry they contain all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. Naturally gluten-free!

The 6 Gourmet sauces of Remia are the natural accompaniment to any piece of meat or fish.

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