Burger & Grill Sauces

Remia introduces 4 exciting new flavours in 750ml bottles. These sauces upgrade every burger or grilled meat into a real treat!

Remia introduces 4 exciting new flavours. These sauces will upgrade any burger or grilled meat into a real treat! ! Get acquented with our unique Burger & Grill sauces: Blazing Luke-, Tucker Joe, Black Jack or Wild Bill.

Every bottle offer own unique flavour perfect your any burger of grilled meat dish.

The Real Blazing Luke

Smokey Hot Cocktail sauce is a real taste sensation; creamy and full of flavour thanks to its specially smoked jalapeño pepper this sauce is a crowd favourite! This sauce goes well with burgers, but we also like to suggest using this sauce on char-grilled meat, a chicken salad or a nice sandwich.

The Real Tucker Joe

Burger Relish Sauce is a great relish based on tomato paste and gherkin. Goes great with beef burgers.

The Real Black Jack

Smokey BBQ Sauce speaks for itself. With its unique mixture of spices and smokey flavour this sauce upgrades every hamburger. This sauce goes well with grilled meat, chicken and of course… spareribs!

The Real Wild Bill

American Garlic Sauce is a creamy sauce and with its savoury mixture of spices it gives your beef burger that spicy bite. The Wild Bill also goes well with grilled meat and spareribs.

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